Thursday, November 27, 2014

Snowy Owl Pile-up

Snowy Owls continue to invade southern Ontario.  Yesterday I received word of 8 or 9 around the Sarnia airport seen by multiple observers.  Pretty good for one small area!
I have only seen up to 8 in one day and that was last year being within the Wallaceburg CBC circle (and I know I missed at least one).
I heard that 3 were in the Erieau area as well recently.
One was seen by J.B. near Grande Pointe yesterday, but I am sure there are others out that way.

Holt Line Snowy

I went out early this morning but came up empty.  Nothing seems to be around the Sombra solar farm yet, or least when I am there!  Last year a couple of Snowy Owls frequented that location.

Sombra Solar Snowy

I keep an eye open to and from work, and today coming home, I saw two in less than five minutes.  One was in a usual location just north of Langstaff Line near hwy 40, but the other was along Forhan Street just north of Langstaff.  That one was right at the edge of the road.  From a distance I thought it was trash, but as I got closer it moved and showed its face with big yellow eyes!  Needless to say it flew when I got alongside, but I could not stop due to the usual traffic. (No new photos today).

Whitebread Snowy

After a quick stop at the bank, I drove around a bit to some other possible locations, but came up empty.  Gets too dark too quick now anyway!

Another Whitebread Snowy

Some decent birds showing up for the listers (lol) in the province.  I cannot get too excited about the Eurasian Tree Sparrow at Niagara, but the Brambling in North Bay is a nice bird. Brings back memories of the one female at Pete Chapman's during the winter of 1994.  It stayed the whole winter so anyone who was interested got to see it.  Those were the days before I was taking photos.

It is the time of year for some interesting birds, so we will see what this coming weekend brings.

Sarnia Solar Snowy

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  1. Saw one yesterday just outside of Wallaceburg on 40 highway toward Chatham