Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mid-week Update C-K and Lambton

Wind!!!!  That was certainly one of the stronger sustained winds we have had in a while.  Chatham-Kent experienced some of the strongest winds  with gusts up to 100 km/h.

Yesterday (Monday) it was a mad dash first thing in the morning to get that last big boat out of the water.  We finished blocking it just after 12 noon before the winds really hit.

More Snowy Owls have been reported.  Looks like another good winter for seeing them.  Two were seen near the Sarnia airport yesterday and again today.
Birders in the Sarnia area on Wednesday found up to nine (9)!

one of many from last winter

There were two near Erieau on Sunday, but I only saw the one.  I cannot seem to find any west of Wallaceburg lately.

With the recent mild weather, that early ice is now gone.  I was reading that some places on the Great Lakes have had the earliest ice formation in 40 years.  Not surprising with the cooler temperatures this year.  The water never warmed up like it usually does.

With the recent grebe sightings in Wheatley Harbour, I was curious as to where the county border was.  I found the following on Google Earth which is probably fairly accurate. You can see the line right through the centre of the photo.

It can be a dicey situation there if you want to be precise with your county sightings!

Looks like more strong southerly winds for the is coming weekend.  Not good for Rondeau's shoreline!

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