Sunday, November 2, 2014

Rondeau Birding Area Today

It was a fine day to get out for some birding.  The wind was light, but the air was crisp. Ships have left their anchorage after yesterday's gale.  It would have been neat to see the Manistee at anchor off Rondeau!

At Rondeau Park I met up with Steve and Jim.  Not a lot was flying around today (where were the raptors?) unless you like Pine Siskins.  They were everywhere.
The lake was somewhat active with lots of ducks and a number of Common Loons going by.  Off south point, we noted a slightly smaller loon in company with a Common Loon.  Unfortunately this Red-throated was not too close.

Lots of Horned Grebes are still around and perhaps a Red-necked or two was out there.

Along the trail we came across a nice pocket of birds which included a Nashville Warbler and a Blue-headed Vireo.  Not sure what the late date for the vireo is, but it later in November anyway.

Steve and I came across a singing Eastern Phoebe.  It was just like in spring!  Never got a good look at it though.  It was the only flycatcher for the day.

While heading up Lakeshore Road afterwards, we came across another Nashville Warbler.

Common practice after the end of October is to walk the campground, since it is vacant.  It was somewhat quiet today, but at one point I saw a couple of Blue-headed Vireos in a Pine tree.

The only butterfly I saw in the park today was a Painted Lady on the east beach out from the churches. (Had Common Sulphur and Cabbage White at Blenheim).

Along that stretch of beach, there were a number of Canada Geese.  I noticed that quite a few were banded.

It is always a good idea to check Ridgetown Lagoons this time of year with all the geese that accumulate there.  Par for the course, a number of Cackling Geese were present.  I counted 18!  Last Monday, Ross Wood counted 18 there, so perhaps they are the same.  I could not see all the geese either, and many were sleeping, so perhaps the 18 could be exceeded.  I think the record high for Rondeau area is about 20.

Not done for the day, I went directly over to Blenheim Lagoons.  Nothing special there but lots of bonies were in the ponds.

The sprinklers are not conducive to shorebirds right now, but 2 Greater Yellowlegs were flying around. 

A couple of Savannah Sparrows were in the weeds along the way.

A good variety of ducks was there, but nothing unusual.
I did check the McGeachy Pond area and R/R track trail briefly, but not much was around there.

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