Friday, November 7, 2014

Afternoon Delight

Although rather cold today, it was quite nice this afternoon.  I had the itch to get out, so I left work at noon (!) and headed towards Sarnia.
Earlier, the winds were quite brisk out of the northwest this morning as the skies cleared.

Sam Laud at Port Lambton

I wondered if anything of note would be at Sarnia this morning, but apparently nothing spectacular!
I took some back roads up to Sarnia this afternoon and saw my first Rough-legged Hawk of the season.
I drove by Sombra solar farm, but nothing was there.  Earlier this week, some Killdeer were across the road in a wet spot.  No Northern Shrike yet.  Last year a number of Short-eared Owls wintered at the solar farm.

They are on their way though!  One was seen coming in off the lake at Sarnia this morning by some intrepid birders.

My first stop this afternoon was Perch Creek on the east side of Sarnia.  I did not stay long, but did come across a Northern Saw-whet Owl.  They appear there every winter, so that was no surprise.

I decided to take a bit of time at the lakewatch spot at the mouth of Lake Huron.  Not much activity, but here were a number of scoters (all 3 species) and other ducks.
At one point, I caught sight of a very distant jaeger which seemed to be harassing gulls off the point of land on the Michigan side.  It never came close though and then disappeared.

Arthur M. Anderson in the centre

A distant raptor caught my eye, but I think it was only a Northern Harrier way out over the lake.  I thought of Short-eared Owl (not knowing one was seen this morning) but harrier seemed to fit.

Lots of American Coots are in Sarnia Bay, and some Horned Grebes were with the Mallards in the harbour.

After some quick shopping, I headed towards home, but stopped at Moore WMA on Bickford Line.  Some of the usual wintering birds were right at the river including several Tufted Titmice, Chickadees, nuthatches and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.  Several Fox Sparrows were here as well.  The warbler could possibly winter the species often does.

Tomorrow looks know where!


  1. No Lambton County birders allowed tomorrow at "you know where!"

  2. Nice timing with the full moon over the lake freighter!