Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanksgiving Sandhills

Today was one of those days I did a lot of looking and found nothing of note!  I checked several spots on my way home from Point Pelee, but came up empty.  Eg. Cattle Egret not at Lighthouse Cove this afternoon!
Later in the afternoon I checked out the north end of Bear Line south of Wallaceburg and found the Sandhill Cranes that were reported yesterday.
All 17 looked attractive in the field!

I could not get all 17 in one shot with the lens I had on hand.

I checked out Bear Creek Marsh (CWS property) at the end of Bear Line as well.  This is gem of a spot for birds that is rarely checked.  It is right on the boundary of the Wallaceburg CBC circle and in the area I check.  We often get lots of good birds here on the CBC (eg. Wilson's Snipe 2x, Common Yellowthroat).  It is a good vantage spot for watching ducks flying over St. Anne's Island or seeing uncommon ones on the Snye River at Christmas.

Great Egret today

Several of us did a Tip watch at Point Pelee this morning on a stiff south wind.  There were lots of birds going by, but frustrating as it was, nothing of note.

Lots of Horned Grebes today, many of which were bobbing in the water off the Tip.

I did not do too much walking around in the park, but lots of sparrows were in the park as one would expect at this date.  A large number were at NW Beach.

White-crowned Sparrow galore

A House Wren was chattering away there also.

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