Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sunset Near Ticky Tacky Point

The days are just too short for me, but I got out to Mitchell's Bay for sunset this evening.  Lots of sparrows were along the lakeshore trail as I walked towards the dock.
Large flocks of Canada Geese started getting up somewhere in the vicinity of Ticky Tacky Point (past the end of Angler Line).

At one point, some large white birds got up--obviously Tundra Swans.  These are the first I have seen this fall.  They flew right overhead where I was sitting on the dock.

Several Great Egrets were around as usual, but no little white ones!
the usual Marsh Wren and Swamp Sparrows were beside the dock.

The mornings are just too dark to do much birding before work, but the last two days I have heard Eastern Screech-owl calling at Brander Park.  Pretty sure I had two this morning.

Here is another view of that juvenile Little Gull from Sunday at Rondeau.  A Bonaparte's is right beside it for comparison.  This gull really caught our eyes with all the black on it.  Juvenile Little Gulls can be quite variable, but this is the one of the darker ones I have seen.

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