Sunday, July 27, 2014

Point Pelee July 27

I ventured down to Point Pelee today to see what was around.  Butterflies were rather scarce, but Giant Swallowtail seemed to be the lep of the day.  I probably saw around 40.  They were all on the move!

There were hardly any other butterflies, but I did see my first Common Buckeyes of the year.  They have been virtually absent till now.  There was one on the Skunk's Misery count and one on the Clear Creek Count which I did not see.

I saw two at the south end of NW Beach parking lot, and three more along the beach off the old admin.

Regarding birds today, nothing much of note.  At the Tip, there were not too many gulls today and very few Bonaparte's.

Near the north end of the park is where most of the gulls congregated, as there were hundreds carpeting the beach.  This scene is looking south from old admin.  I did not pursue them, but most were Ring-billed of course.

The only shorebird at the Tip today was a lone Sanderling.  First one I have seen this summer for fall migration.

I saw some Black Terns heading south, 7 in total.  Lots of Common Terns and a few Caspian today.

Hardly any dragonflies today!

Wandering Glider near solar panel

I did not hear the Dickcissel at Hillman today, so I went by the field east of Wheatley just to hear some!

Fall is fast approaching, so we will be seeing more migrants!

Canada Warbler

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