Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Monkeying Around

Monkey Flower

Yesterday after work I went for a walk at Reid CA.  A variety of butterflies was around including several Dukes' Skippers.

I also found a couple of Broad-winged Skippers in another sedge area.

Hairstreaks included a couple of Banded and Edwards'.  All these butterflies are getting worn as we approach the middle of summer.

worn Banded Hairstreak

A visit to McKeough today revealed very few things. I did see a Pronghorn Clubtail, but could not get on it with the camera.  This Flag-tailed Spinyleg posed nicely.

There appeared to be a few fresh Common Painted-Lady butterflies out today. They blend in well on gravel roadways!

This Question Mark sat on the road for the longest time.

This morning, I headed down to Blenheim S.T.P. and found well over 100 shorebirds. However, nothing new!  There was one Stilt Sandpiper, 3 Short-billed Dowitchers, Pectorals, Semisands and Leasts.  The Semipalmated Sandpipers were by far the most numerous.

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