Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blenheim/Rondeau to Clear Creek Butterfly Count

Oswego Tea at Rondeau

I checked out a few places today, deciding to start at Blenheim lagoons before joining the Clear Creek Butterfly count in the afternoon.
Lots of Least Sandpipers were in at Blenheim.  About 75 of them.  One Pectoral was mixed in as well as about 3 Lesser Yellowlegs.

Mess of Least Sandpipers
That male Canvasback is still at the lagoons!

At Rondeau, I checked out south point trail in advance of the butterfly count for tomorrow.  I first walked along the beach.

Mess of Gulls

The trend continues with few butterflies, but I did find a huge stand of Common Milkweed.  I am anxious to check it out around mid day Sunday.  I was  a bit early in the day, but lots of butterflies were at this stand today.

Delaware Skipper

Northern Broken-Dash

Included were a couple of Banded Hairstreaks.  Hairstreaks are difficult to find in Rondeau, so any hairstreak is good.

Just before lunch, I moved on to Clear Creek and checked out an old quarry.  I was disappointed in finding very few butterflies.  A few dragonflies were around including this Calico Pennant.

After a nice lunch in Highgate, we headed out to the old railway lines (two are side by side).

gravel extraction is going on

One of our favourite spots is just off the old railway east of Johnston Road. It is locally called Taylor's Pond and was originally owned by the railway.  Here we found numerous Coral Hairstreaks among other butterflies.  It is diverse area with lots to see.

Finally a Coral for the year!

Here  there were loads of Butterfly Milkweed.  Most we have seen!

The day's tally was held at the traditional location of Olav Natvik's summer home.  In front of the home is a wonderful prairie-type garden.  However, blooming is behind this year compared to the past.  We found that in many locations today.

Total species for the Clear Creek Butterfly Count was only 40.

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