Friday, July 11, 2014

After-work Stop

It was a very busy day at work.  Nearing completion of a major re-build project!

After the hectic day at work, I stopped at Reid CA on the way home.  It was a picture-perfect day weatherwise.  Too bad the forecast does not look anywhere near a good for this weekend. (Who knows, it keeps changing!).
I still could not find any Broad-winged Skippers.  These sedge skippers were out though.

A few hairstreaks included Edwards' and Banded.  This Banded was barely clinging to life!

The Edwards' is one of the nicer-looking hairstreaks.

There are lots of Appalachian Browns here.  I have only seen Eyed-Brown once I think at this location.

A Northern Pearly-Eye stopped briefly for a photo op.

Northern Broken Dash were plentiful.

Photos taken with Canon G16.

On a completely different topic, it was 75 years ago today that a fireball went down near Dresden.  Here is a link to the blog post I wrote some time ago about it.

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