Monday, April 14, 2014

Wacky Weather...Again!

The strange weather continues.  It was balmy on the weekend and even today, but once again we are going to extremes.  Snow tonight and a low of minus 9 here Tuesday night?  No wonder people are in such a foul mood.  Depressing!
Our weather certainly has been crazy the last six months.  Notice how we keep getting these continuous high winds?  More violent storms, etc.  It never seems to end.

We had a violent storm here Saturday evening.  Quite unexpected, with high winds and heavy hail.  Actually the worst hail storm I have ever seen!  It came pounding in from the west and I was waiting for windows on the west side of the house to break.  Fortunately it did not last long.

One tree at Brander Park

However, high winds toppled or broke many trees, especially in the Port Lambton area.  My uncle's van narrowly missed being damaged when a falling tree pulled wires and broke a hydro pole. (Hope he does not mind me posting this photo!).

Many houses along the river were missing shingles.  Signs were down according to one fellow who stopped in the shop today.  No big deal there as most people do not pay attention to signs anyway!

I went to Point Pelee on Sunday with hopes of seeing a good number of birds.  Lots of sparrows came in, but try and find a warbler!  I did a lot of walking and saw very little.  After a while I met up with Jeremy Hatt on the Botham Trail and while standing there I finally got some warblers.  Two or three Yellow-rumped were high in a tree and a Pine Warbler sang behind us.  It only took 3 hours.

Lots of Chipping Sparrows were at Pelee on Sunday

It was a cloudy morning for the most part (typical weekend weather!), but there was not much to photograph anyway.  Needless to say, I went home somewhat disappointed....

Yellow-rumped Warblers have hardly come in yet, but some other species have been reported.  Our Palm Warbler at Rondeau on Saturday was not really on the radar, but a nice surprise.  It is locally record early by one day.

It is interesting how some species trickle in early each year.  A Golden-winged Warbler was reported on Toronto Island recently according to eBird.

This morning a Wood Thrush was singing near Brander Park, Port Lambton.  I did not see it as it was over on the next property.  However, I heard it twice.  And no, it was not a Hermit Thrush even though a couple were around!
I am sure this coming holiday weekend will be interesting after we get through this silly weather.  We will once again be out to our favourite haunts with binoculars and scopes.

(No Eurasian Wigeon!)

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