Saturday, April 12, 2014

Slow Saturday at Rondeau

A very nice day, but difficult to find any number of birds.  Not even a Yellow-rumped Warbler!  I have not seen a spring migrant Yellow-rumped yet, but a Palm Warbler topped the list today.
The Palm Warbler was not something I was expecting today, but there it was. 

Jim Burk first spotted it as we were driving along the picnic area near marsh trail.  There were dozens of juncos, but a yellowish bird with them stood out.

My previous early date for Rondeau was 14 April 2002 and that was a of the hypochrysea type.

Fox Sparrows were singing throughout the park, but other than a couple of Chipping and Field Sparrows, there were few of that family.

Not really much else to report!

Blenheim Lagoons (sprinkler cells) had a few shorebirds including about 15 Pectoral Sandpipers, 5+ Dunlin and a Lesser Yellowlegs.

Two Horned Grebes were with the ducks, but no sign of an Eared yet.
Dozens of Bonaparte's Gulls to sort through.


  1. Good to hear that things are starting to move into the area.

  2. Blake--just to let U know, there was a Lincoln's Sparrow late this aft. behind the VC garden in Rondeau--seen by 2 Londoners--one
    being Ellen Smout. She asks if this might be very early ? My email at cogeco is "down" again.
    If U email me at "",
    I think I can retrieve your message, and answer it. Irene

  3. Spotted a pileated woodpecker on the Tulip Tree Trail Friday evening. Neat bird, first time seeing one.