Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pending Doom!

Today was a welcome relief with balmy temperatures and many spring migrants such as Killdeer, blackbirds, gulls and waterfowl.  It was wet with flooded fields, lawns, shops, etc.  This area cannot handle any significant precipitation in the next while as drains and ditches are packed tight with snow and ice and river courses are well frozen.  I bet I will have to wear boots in the shop at work tomorrow!!

Red Mergs

The weather forecast does not look good and I hope they are wrong (as they are most of the time, lol.).  Not likely though.  Doom and gloom for tomorrow!
Lot of Cans Right Now!

I went for a tour this evening along the St. Clair River as the next two days do not look good.  With the mild weather, the river is very open and things are on the move.  Countless ducks to look at.

Fawn Island area at Sombra is crawling with rafts of ducks. Could be 20,000 in that area alone, mostly Redhead and Canvasback.  One could have some fun looking at all these if time permitted!

This morning I was at Port Lambton at first light and noted lots of activity as ducks moved upriver.  Even by 08:00 things settled down.  Lots of White-winged Scoters are on the river right now, not to mention the other species.  At least a dozen where off the Port in the short time I was there morning.

Not a scoter!

With flooded fields, waterfowl is taking advantage.  I did not see anything noteworthy this evening.
Near Stoke's Point

Some migrant Tundra Swans were around too.

All too common sight right now.....

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