Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ducks at the Port


Early this morning I stopped to look at the ducks taking advantage of the open water at Port Lambton.  Most were Canvasback and there was at least one White-winged Scoter among others.  It was a calm, clear morning, so lighting was good.

Speaking of canvasbacks, a male was one the road outside the shop on Tuesday afternoon.  It seemed OK when I approached as it took off towards Walpole Island.  Some are still being seen wandering around.  Lots of reports of dead ones too.  Hopefully this weather breaks soon!

I went for a short walk at Brander Park woodlot.  The key word there is short!  Terribly cold yet again last night made me wonder if this is ever going to end.  An American Robin was calling there.  Hard to say if it is a new arrival as there were a couple there in January.


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