Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Wanderings

Red-tailed Hawk on Telfer Road

Did a bit of driving around yesterday morning but as usual the weather was crappy.  (This sounds like a broken record every weekend!).  The sun did come out later in the afternoon though for some pleasant weather.
It has certainly been the worst winter I can remember.  Winters used to be harsher when I was a youngster, but I do not recall such a winter as this in my adult life.  Spring need to arrive ASAP!

Some open Water!

Recently people have been seeing Robins and ask me why they are here in winter.  So many people have no clue that Robins do winter in Ontario, sometimes in big numbers.  As harsh as this winter has been, there have been lots, especially earlier.
Pelee Robin

Yesterday I only saw five Snowy Owls north of Wallaceburg.  I did not really put in any effort but drove down the two roads that seem to have them regularly.  Two were on Langstaff Line, one on Kimball and two on Charlemont.  It was snowing at the time so visibility was limited.  If one wants to see a Snowy around here, try Langstaff Line north of Wallaceburg, or Charlemont Line east of Kimball (one road south of Lambton Line).  I saw one on the way to work this morning, but there was thick ice fog.  It is a game every morning as I try to guess what structure an owl will be roosting on!

Becher Bird

Langstaff Liner

The feeders in the back yard have been busy the ten days or so.  Previous to that, not so busy, for whatever reason.
One of two Red Nuts

Winter Plant--New England Aster (?)


  1. Blake,

    While living in Nova Scotia that the robins we saw there, and from the looks of it in Ontario in years like this, can be the 'bigger darker ones from Northern Canada'...

    The one in your photo certainly looks darker... bigger too?

  2. Matt,
    I thought the robin looked darker at the time as well, but maybe it was because of the snow...not sure!