Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Another Frosty Morning

Although very cold, it was a nice morning to drive to work.  The sun was just popping up as I headed out Water Street.

Some of the open spots on the St. Clair River had lots of mist rising early this morning.  Made for an interesting sight.

One spot near shore had a few ducks including two White-winged Scoters.


I had lunch at the local restaurant and afterwards decided to check that open spot.  The two scoters were easy to see, but an oddity was amongst them.  A Red-necked Grebe!  I could not do much with my Powershot camera though.

We have often had these grebes show up before in early to mid February as they move around.  Sometimes these wintering birds get frozen out of their hangouts and search for other feeding areas.  Quite a few Red-necked Grebes have been reported around southern Ontario lately.  Even Red-throated Loons in London.  What a novelty!

By the way, I did not see a Snowy Owl today.  I drove all along Langstaff Line late today.  I am pretty sure they were on the move on the weekend with all those birds that were not around the vicinity previously.

"Who gives a hoot?"

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