Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Birds Rondeau Campground

Although it was extremely windy today, the skies were clear for some good birding.  I started at the Rondeau campground which is always worth a look in the winter.  Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were busy today as were several other birds.

At the north end I was observing a sapsucker and some Yellow-rumped Warblers when Jim Burk came along.  We walked around and found more sapsuckers.  Looks like there were three today.

Did not realize I got this shot of the sapsucker.  Looks like it is falling!

I also heard an American Robin.
The warblers were scattered all around so it was difficult to determine how many were present today.  I counted at least eight.  At one point we came across four Eastern Bluebirds.  Nice to see in the sun!

A bit later, two were near the gate allowing for good photo shots.

More birds were towards the south end and we saw one Fox Sparrow.  Later, I saw two together.

Fox Sparrow

Among the juncos, nuthatches, etc. was a female Purple Finch.  More yellow-rumped warblers as well.


We then headed south on Lakeshore Road.  Several birds were along the road and at one cottage many were taking advantage of some feed.  At one point I saw yet another Fox Sparrow.  However, we did not come across the Brown Thrasher that was seen yesterday.
The VC feeder was not very active and the towhee did not show.
Although the lake was mostly ice, several flocks of ducks were moving by.  A Northern Shrike was spotted by Jim at one point.

Common Mergansers

I zig-zagged home checking out some familiar spots.  I did not see a snipe on Stefina, but perhaps one is still around in that unfrozen creek.
A Turkey Vulture was seen by local birders just east of Blenheim this afternoon.  I passed through the exact spot a bit earlier--obviously too early!

Lots of Snow Buntings, Horned Larks and a few Lapland Longspur were all around today.

I checked a few spots around Wallaceburg after lunch.  Very little open water but some ducks and swans were at Bluewater Conference on the Snye.  Those included Gadwall which have been hanging around for a while.
A Snowy Owl was just outside town on the NW side.  Difficult to pick out with the snow in the bright sun!

Not sure if I will get out tomorrow with the impending snow storm.


  1. That is a most excellent picture of the Bluebird. Like the new looks of your blog.

  2. Love that third pic of the falling sapsucker, Blake!