Friday, January 3, 2014

Iced In!

Port Lambton

With the very cold and snowy weather, the St. Clair River is filling with ice as expected.  I took a drive up  as far as Stanley Line after work late this afternoon.  Open water areas to that point include a small area just opposite the head of Fawn Island.  Naturally it was filled with ducks.

The area immediately downstream of the Sombra ferry causeway was open and had a number of ducks.  Of course the ferry is not operating.  I heard my cousin Rob (operator of the ferry) on the radio this afternoon talking about it. All up to mother nature now!

Sombra Ducks

As I turned around at Stanley Line, I could see some open water upstream.  Not sure if I will get up that way this weekend as yet another snowstorm is forecast (of course it was not a couple days ago) for Sunday.

Sarnia Iceland

I drove through the countryside as the sun was setting but did not find any owls.  Perhaps the Sombra Solar Snowy has moved on as I have not seen it for a few days.  A few harriers and some buteos were soaring around as well as Snow Buntings and Horned Larks.

Still some chance to find some decent winter birds such as the Brown Thrasher seen in Rondeau Park this morning.

Remnants of  Bygone Days

Lots of snow all over.  Got some photos from a cousin in Nova Scotia today where a storm is brewing.

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  1. Blake, send some of those Long-tailed Ducks south to Windsor!