Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sunny Day at Pelee

Shuster Trail

Point Pelee was today's destination.  The roads were a bit iffy in some spots along the way due to this relentless wind blowing the snow but at least the sun was out even though the forecast said it probably would not (!).
In the park I started on Shuster Trail which has some wintering White-throated Sparrows and Hermit Thrushes.

Near the end of the trail, a Great Blue Heron, totally unexpected, flushed out.

The view was nice along the shoreline, and at least four Bald Eagles were going about their business.

After that walk, I headed down the road towards the Tip.  A flock of starlings at the half way stop caught my attention and a I also saw quite a few American Robins there.

Along the road, I saw at three Hermit Thrushes.  A couple were just sitting on the road.

I parked at the Tip lot and went for a walk as there were quite a few birds along the road.  Robins were everywhere mixed with more starlings, a couple of Hermit Thrushes and at least 8 Cedar Waxwings.  One waxwing was fairly close at one point allowing for a good photo.

The robins were in all directions keeping me busy looking for something unusual.

Next stop was De Laurier.  I went for a short walk and saw a couple more Hermit Thrushes, robins and a couple of Yellow-rumped Warblers.  Turns out those were the only warblers encountered today.

I did not find anything in the onion field area (did not go down concession C), but later found one Long-eared Owl in the cedars near Hillman Marsh.

Did not see a Snowy Owl today.  They seem to be scarce to elusive in the Dover area this winter strange as it may seem!

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