Friday, January 17, 2014

Some More Owls

The sun was still out as I left work late this afternoon so I headed upriver.  The river has cleared quite a bit and lots of open water is visible.  I did not see much until I got to Cathcart Park.
I headed to the Sombra solar farm and the Short-eared Owls were already active at 5 p.m.  I think there were five of them moving around and one sat on a fence.
I only had my G16 camera but at 20x zoom at dusk it turned out fairly well.

Keeping an eye on his buddies

A couple of harriers were also moving around, but the owls were nice to see.

I went down to Holt Line in hopes of seeing the Snowy Owl that is frequenting that area.  It was atop a barn!
Holt Line Snowy

On the river, lots of geese were at Cathcart Park.  A few ducks were out in midriver including several Canvasback.

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