Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday December 8 Birding

It is getting to be the time of year to spend some time on the St. Clair River.  However, there is not much out there, yet!  A few ducks and here and there, quite a few Canada Geese and swans.  Practically no gulls.  With the cold weather coming this week, ice will be forming, so hopefully that will  bring things in.
At least 100 Mute Swans have been congregating in Sombra Bay and surrounding area.  Today there were quite a few Tundra Swans as well.  The last few years, Tundras have wintered in the area, and last year a pair of Trumpeter Swans was found at the end of December.  I looked for Trumpeter today, but did not see one.

Lots of Canada Geese are around, but no Cackling that I could see.  Cacklers are very rare there, so no surprise.
The only duck of note was an apparent Mallard X Black Duck hybrid off Guthrie Park.

Sarnia Bay was the best place to look at waterbirds.  Lots of gulls, but only Ring-billed and Herring.  Ducks were mostly mergansers (all three types) and a few American Coots in the marina.

At the end of the rock jetty, I noticed a whitish spot.  Could it be?  Yes, a heavily-barred Snowy Owl was surveying the duck situation.  It was the only Snowy Owl I came across today despite extensive searching in expected, and unexpected spots.

A Gadwall was in the north slip beside Q105.

Very little was out on Lake Huron except a number of Long-tailed Ducks.  Several hunters were out there, so that kept ducks at bay.  A few bonies were still lingering around the US Coast Guard Station.

I even walked Canatara Park, something I do not do too often. It was quiet.
Next stop was Perch Creek. It was quiet!  A large flock of American Tree Sparrows was at the north end, and a Northern Harrier and a Rough-legged Hawk were hunting the old dump.

I zig-sagged home, stopping at Moore WMA.  It was quiet.  Where are the birds??  Usually that spot is alive with wintering birds (including Yellow-rumped Warblers), but looks like another quiet winter.

I took another look at the river in the Sombra area, noting two adult Bald Eagles off OC Industries.  A few ducks were off Cathcart park, but nothing noteworthy.

Hopefully things will pick up a little in the next while!

Came across this Pileated Woodpecker yesterday at Rondeau. Do you think I will see one next Sunday?  Probably not!

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  1. Where are the birds? Last Friday there were hundreds of Tundra Swans and Sandhill Cranes at Long Point.