Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snowy Season

Not much to report, but a Snowy Owl was in Wallaceburg in the last day or so.  I did not see it but apparently it landed right on a road being narrowly missed by a car!
I have been watching to and from work, but have not seen one here yet.

Crows are in the news in Chatham recently.  They have really descended upon the city creating quite a mess.  Years ago over 100,000 were reported, and it seems numbers have built up again.

We are in a deep freeze again and some snow predicted for this weekend.  Hopefullly not too much as the Christmas Bird Counts begin.  A little snow would be good to concentrate what few birds are around, but a lot would hamper travelling.
I will be doing the Kettle Point CBC this Saturday, working the Arkona area as usual.  Perhaps a Golden Eagle will be around, as there often is along the Ausable River.
Sunday is the Blenheim (Rondeau) count.  Will be checking those Tree Sparrow flocks for Field Sparrows!  We usually get two or three of those on our section of the count.

Hopefully the lake off south point trail will produce.  Maybe a Red Phalarope will fly by.  Any shorebird now would be unique!

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  1. Checked the onion fields twice this week and no Snowy Owl yet for me. Guess there is always tomorrow...from the car though..It's freakin' cold out there!!