Friday, October 25, 2013


A rather uneventful week here.  Days are just getting way too short!
Some sort of ibis was in the Rondeau marsh back on Monday, but nothing heard since.  Also on Monday Arctic Terns wer reported by Tom Hince north of Port Huron.  Was again present on Tuesday morning.

I went up to Sarnia early Tuesday, but the winds were wrong (again).  There was a mass of gulls, etc. in the distance about where Tom had the terns, but obviously too far away from our vantage point. The tern was there though!
It was a clear day but things were very far out.  Lots of bonies out there and only one large flock came in close.  At one point a flock was moving west and I was pretty certain I had a Sabine's Gull.  It banked twice and I saw the upperside of the wings that were indicative of Sabine's. Size of course same as bonie.

There has not really been a good wind up there since September oddly enough.  A few things have gone through, but the winds certainly have not co-operated.


evening at Mitchell's Bay
Checked Mitchell's Bay a couple of times this week, including this evening.  I think last Sunday was the last time the godwits were present.  No reports since anyway.  Lots of ducks moving out on the lake and a few flocks of Canada Geese dodging the wind turbines.

Forgot to mention, a Bank Swallow came flying into the shop at Port Lambton this afternoon.  Was a bit surprising!

Coming up a year ago we were treated to once in a lifetime spectacle with the remnants of hurricane Sandy!


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