Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lakewatch at Point Pelee!

Things did not turn out as well as yesterday it seems.  There was a strong WSW wind, but nothing was on the west side of the Tip of Point Pelee.  Everything seemed to come down the east side.  The wind was supposed to be SW, but you know how that goes!
I was joined this morning by Brandon Holden who abandoned his condo watch!

The most interesting bird was this pigeon which came in and landed beside us.  It had a leg band with a number and words saying Union Club Mexico.

There were six species of gulls--the usual ones you would expect.  One young Little Gull appeared at the Tip at one point (did not see it fly in).  One first cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull flew in as well.
A few Common Loons went by in the distance (7 in total) and Horned Grebes totalled about 11.  All three scoters were seen including one Black and two White-winged.  There were several Surf.
A couple dozen Ruddy Ducks were around too.
The only shorebirds were Dunlin (I counted 28 total).
A Peregrine made an appearance at one point as did an Osprey and a Northern Harrier.

Tomorrow could be good at the Tip as a 40km/h SW wind is predicted.  But, as usual, it is a weekday!

Not many butterflies today, but I did see one Common Buckeye and this Mourning Cloak.

Stopped at Wheatley Harbour as well.  Tons of gulls and cormorants!  Three Lesser Black-backed in total.  One Greater Yellowlegs down the shoreline.

I stopped in at Mitchell's Bay on the way home, and sure enough the two Marbled Godwits were in the usual spot.  I had thought they had left, but no.  The one has been present for over a month!

It will be interesting to see how long it stays.  Usually Hudsonian Godwits linger longer in the fall.
Not sure what the latest date for these is in Ontario, but it is getting late!  Maybe some kind of record will be set here.

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