Thursday, September 12, 2013

Stormy Weather

A welcome change in weather late yesterday!  Tuesday and Wednesday had record breaking heat in some locales and a storm came in yesterday evening.  I managed to check out Ridgetown Lagoons around supper time before the weather arrived.  Nothing new there and most of the birds left ahead of the storm!  Three Stilt Sandpipers still present, a Baird's and some others.  Saw a couple of nighthawks on the way home.
Over at Blenheim, the padlock is now on the gate apparently.  No access for a while.

Not much in the way of butterflies this week in this area.  I could only find one Peck's Skipper the other day in the skipper category!

This morning as one would expect, there were lots of migrants.  Brander Park in Port Lambton had a number of warblers which was nice.  Lots of Blackpoll Warblers coming through for example.
I expect this weekend will be pretty good for birding.  Cool, but nice weather.  Perhaps some rarity is lurking about brought up from this week's southwest winds.

This evening I ventured out to Mitchell's Bay.  A storm was a-brewing!

Got a good walk in before it hit.  Several warblers (many Blackpoll!) were along the waterfront trail.  Also saw a Philadelphia Vireo and a Blue-headed Vireo.  A couple of the summering Great Egrets were out and about.

Several Black-crowned Night-Herons came out of the marsh at Angler Line.

The waterfront trail is pretty nice running from Angler Line to Mitchell's Bay.  A dock is there where you can get a good view of the lake and marshy area.  A nautical theme is near the dock.  An upturned lifeboat serves as a shelter.

Fishing boats Beating the Storm (note Ren Cen in background)

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