Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Outing

Today was a nice fall day.  I slept in a bit (first time since I do not know when!), then went out to Mitchell's Bay.  I scanned the mudlflat and picked out the Marbled Godwit.  Rather distant but unmistakable.  Did not see the Snowy Egret though.

Snowy Egret (courtesy P. Allen Woodliffe)

I also walked the waterfront trail where many birds were milling about.  Lots of warblers, vireos and sparrows plus an Indigo Bunting.
Palm Warbler at Algonquin

I then decided to go to Rondeau.  A good east wind was blowing so I watched the lake at Dog Beach for almost 2 hours.  Lots of activity, but nothing of note.  A Peregrine Falcon came through stirring things up.

Yesterday, a Parasitic Jaeger was seen off the beach.

I walked a bit of south point trail as well.  It is quite pleasant around mid-day to early afternoon on a sunny fall day.  I found quite a few warblers and vireos.  Eastern Phoebe and Peewee were the only flycatchers.

Back to my recent trip, I saw lots of Ruffed Grouse.  Still could not find a Spruce.  The last four trips have not revealed this species!  This Ruffed wandered up to my supper table on Monday evening.

Red-breasted Nuthatches were very numerous at Algonquin.  Not many are heading south this winter!

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