Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rondeau Butterfly Count

Today was the annual butterfly count for Rondeau.  As expected, numbers were very low.  I will not have results until perhaps next week for the entire count.  It was hot and humid which zapped the energy from me, hence late in writing this!
"Missed that one!"

We worked south point trail (east side) which I have been doing since the count's inception in 1999.  We average about 22 species there, and today we got 19.  Common milkweed is abundant this year, but not the butterflies to make use of it!  One spot I was astounded at the number of milkweed plants and there was a fair bit of activity.  There we found our only two Monarchs of the day (a scarce butterfly this year!).

With all the rain, plants are lush and green and some areas were thick with growth.  Looks like cylindrical blazing star will have a good year on the east side as I noticed many plants coming along.
Nothing really noteworthy was found, but all things considered, I did not complain.

Northern Pearly-eye

The usual sedge skippers were found out marsh trail in good numbers (Broad-winged, Dion and Mulberry Wing).  I checked them out one year, but not this year.  It would have been rather wet this time!

This Delaware Skipper did not count!

I heard the first Cicada buzzing today.  Yesterday at Pelee I saw some Cicada Killer Wasps which of course coincide with the emergence of Cicadas.  The wasps are nasty-looking creatures, but basically will not harm you.  It is the female that has the stinger which paralyzes the Cicada.  Last year the wasps were widespread and I even had a couple in my yard here for the first time (that I noticed).

Near the Tip parking lot, this creature caught my eye in a shrub:


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