Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pelee Gulls and Dragons

I decided to go to Point Pelee today.  There was a strong easterly wind so walking down the east side was pointless. Not much beach anyway!

I arrived at the Tip and had the whole place to myself for 1.5h.  There was a fair bit of activity but not like two weeks ago.  I only picked out two Lesser Black-backed Gulls (1 first summer, 1 second summer).  A couple of Great Black-backed were at the very Tip, the rest were Ring-billed and Herring.  A few bonies around too.  One juvenile Herring stood out, while a scruffy adult with a bad leg also stood out.

A number of Caspian Terns were around too.

Swallows were numerous, as they are moving around now in good numbers.  As usual, they are now bunching up on hydro wires all over the place.
I walked back west beach trail with hardly any butterflies seen.  Blue Dasher dragonflies were plentiful, and I spotted this odd male (or old female?).

At the Tip there were a few species including one red one which was probably a Carolina Saddlebags.  A couple of other big ones--perhaps one Swamp Darner.

The most numerous butterfly today was Summer Azure, but a few Hackberry were flitting about.

Nothing was to be found around De Laurier today, so I headed up to northwest beach.  A couple of different dragonflies for the day included Halloween Pennant and Eastern Amberwing.

Last stop was the dogbane patch off the park orientation spot.  Hardly a thing to be seen, but a Common Buckeye was spotted briefly.  Too brief to get a photo!  A couple of Northern Broken-Dash were here as well.

I saw this nice Map Turtle basking in the sun along the west side.

After lunch I headed over to Hillman Marsh.  I guess that was for exercise, as hardly a thing was to be seen!  I did not even get a Dickcissel. One was singing on the way by this morning, but nary a one to be found this afternoon.  Several were still east of Wheatley though.
Bronze Copper at Hillman

I decided to check Blenheim Lagoons.  A waste of time!  Water way too high, even in the one sprinkler cell.  The other sprinkler cells are choked with weeds.
Good for ducks I guess.  A pair of Redhead was the only notable species.

Tomorrow I will see what Rondeau has in store....or not.


  1. Your best sighting today was probably two local LLBs!

  2. At least one LLB for sure :-)