Friday, July 19, 2013

More July Insects

I left work a little early (too hot anyway!) and headed up the CA's near here.  First stop was at Reid where I found lots of insects flying.  I even saw some hairstreaks!
First off several skippers were about the shaded sedges.  This one looked like a Dukes' with the strong markings.


Appalachian Browns and Gray Commas were along the main path.

Several Royal River Cruisers were patrolling today and I only wished that one had perched.  At one point I saw a large dragonfly hanging vertically in the shade, but I seemed to turn into a fresh Green Darner!

Hairstreaks included one Edwards', several Banded and finally a rather worn Hickory.  It was the first Hickory I have seen this year!  All worn of course.

For a one last quick walk I went up to McKeough in anticipation of seeing Flag-tailed Spinyleg.  This was the first dragon I saw, but not a spinyleg.

Eventually I found one that had emerged very recently.  It was glistening and flying weakly.  I am pretty sure it is a Flag-tailed.

I turned around and eventually did come across a more mature Flag-tailed.


  1. Blake, I think I found a Gray Comma at Georgian Bay Islands. I would have assumed it was an Eastern Comma, until it landed on my leg posing for me. Its funny that it seems to be absent from Essex County but common everywhere else?

  2. Dwayne,
    Probably was a Gray Comma since they are widespread. What about Green Comma?

  3. Dwayne, your comma was indeed a Gray Comma. It is generally a northern species, but occasionally is seen in Essex County including Point Pelee (where it is only a temporary resident at best). Last year I saw only one at Point Pelee, the only report in total.