Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another Local Tour--More Insects!

It was a rather leisurely day as I had some things to do this afternoon.  I checked some spots between Wallaceburg and Sarnia, but was limited in some areas due to the torrential rains (again!) we had last night.

Two immaculate adult Bonies (LOL)

There was nothing new at the old Blackwell Landfill today (I guess Dickcissels decided not to stop there this year!).
Moore WMA was a bit wet, but near the parking lot I saw both hummingbird moth and snowberry clearwing in the same area.

I checked some spots for Mocha Emerald but had no luck.  On some private property along booth Creek, I came across a couple new insects for the year.  One was a male Slaty Skimmer, a dragonfly we do not see often around these parts.  I recognized it right away, but could not get real close. I have seen them farther north of course, but I recall only seeing one once in this area before.

(from NHIC site)

Nearby, I found a Striped Hairstreak, a FOY, finally.

More butterflies have emerged in the last couple of days such as Red-spotted Purple and Question Mark.  The purples were everywhere today!

I also came across this fresh Giant Swallowtail at McKeough.

Several Flag-tailed Spinylegs were flying around McKeough today, as expected.

(from NHIC site)

A Royal River Cruiser was chasing one at one point.  Of course I could not get a decent photo.

Big Green Eyes!

Off to another adventure tomorrow.....

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