Saturday, June 1, 2013

Surf 'n Turf Rondeau Area

I guess it was a day to see breeding birds!  A fairly good coverage of Rondeau failed to turn up a single migrant warbler!  Usually there are some like Blackpoll, Mourning, Canada, etc., but none were singing anyway.  Even the just the resident flycatchers, save for Yellow-bellied, were around.
At least the weather was nice (since the forecast was wrong yet again).

A pair of Scarlet Tanagers was working Tulip Tree Trail.
The Acadian Flycatchers have essentially finished their nest on Spicebush Trail.  Much higher this year!

I found another Acadian Flycatcher just down Bennett Road as well.

More butterflies were out including the first Little Wood Satyrs and Hobomok Skippers.

At Blenheim Lagoons, the last stop, was the highlight of the day.  A pair of Surf Scoters!  They were a bit far away to obtain a good photo, but it was certainly a surprise.  None of recall seeing that species on the lagoons before, and at this late date to boot.  Surfs are uncommon enough in the winter in the Rondeau area!
We have had White-winged on the lagoons in the past of course.
The date of the Surfs is more interesting than anything.

Wilson strutting his stuff at Blenheim

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  1. Blake, its cool that you photographed its nest. At first, it appears unkept or sloppy with the hanging streamers, but all Acadian nests are like that. Pretty neat.