Friday, May 31, 2013

Knot Enough Time

I got off work early this afternoon.  It was quite a nice day so I headed down to Rondeau and Erieau.  Weather was good until I arrived at the parking lot!  In comes a I sat in the car for a while.  The sun came out so I went for a walk on south point trail.  I did not find a Western Kingbird or anything else of significance.
Lots of azures are now out which at this point would be summer ones but some ragged spring ones could still be around.

Another storm blew in so I headed over to Erieau.  Lots of gulls to look at and a few shorebirds.  At one point a Red Knot came in with some Ruddy Turnstones.  Later, a flock of about 30 Ruddy Turnstones came in to sit on the rocks.  Previously the knot did not stay very long.

Knot often we see Red Knots!  They used to be a little more common.  I recall my first encounter many years ago at Rondeau. I heard that a group was way out south beach, so I took the long walk to see them.  I remember having to cross a break in the spit where the lake connected to the Bay.

A few shorebirds are at Blenheim Lagoons.  One of the Wilson's Phalaropes was obliging this evening.

I have been seeing more butterflies the last few days.  The first Monarch, Giant Swallowtail, etc.  Here are a couple of others.

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