Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pelee-Blenheim-Rondeau Tour: June Birds

I really had no intention of going to the Rondeau area today, so the next choice was Point Pelee.  Some birds of interest were around today!
Starting at the VC, I headed over to east beach and walked to the Tip.  As I started walking down Shuster, I got a text about an American Avocet at Blenheim Lagoons.  Oh well, I hope it stays I thought!

Just north of Sparrow Field three Common Loons were on the calm water.  Two in non-breeding plumage.

Then I saw one Horned Grebe way out.
Lots of bonies were along the beach and at the Tip (~300) and other gulls.  At the Tip, one gull caught my attention.  Probably a Great Black-backed X Herring.  A large gull with darker mantle and pinkish legs.

One Caspian Tern came in for a brief visit.  A single Common Tern was also resting on the Tip.

Three Sanderlings were working the Tip.

I walked up the west side and heard and saw the first of three Yellow-bellied Flycatchers.  Migrants!

Three Green Herons heading south were also of interest.

I next walked down Anders from De Laurier.  Lots of Azures and Little Wood Satyrs there.  A weird warbler song caught my attention.  Could not recognize it but it was almost like a Townsend's Warbler.  I never did see the bird, but eventually it sang a normal song.  Black-throated Green Warbler.  I searched and searched but never found the bird even though it was singing.  In the process I spotted a female Blackpoll Warbler feeding silently at the top of a tree.  Never would have seen that if I had not heard the other warbler.

Nothing of interest outside the park except a Muscovy type duck!

Next stop was Hillman shorebird cell where 13 Great Egrets were feeding.  Shorebirds included some distant Dunlin and what I assumed to be Semipalmated Sandpipers.  Some Gadwall were in the mix of Mallards.

Wanting to see the Avocet, I headed straight to Blenheim.  It was in the sprinklers when I arrived, but I barely got a look and it flushed.  Too many ducks around!  It was very nervous, flying around, then setting into the pond for a swim.

It eventually headed back to the sprinklers, but just as it landed, the water came on!  Off it went again!  Still not a good look!  Back for a swim in the pond.  Finally it eventually went back to the sprinklers where I got good looks.
A very good bird for early June!

The day was not done so I headed into Rondeau.  I visited the Acadians.

Next stop was tulip tree trail where I heard a Prothonotary Warbler.
Out marsh trail I heard a White-eyed Vireo in a usual location, so that was nice to know at least one is around this summer.

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  1. Interesting outing. I'm envious of the avocet. Never having seen one...:)