Friday, June 7, 2013

First Week of June Stuff

The last couple of days have seen crappy weather, not very typical for this time.  Cold and very windy!  I certainly did not add much to my butterfly list.  This evening I went up to McKeough CA  and there were more ticks thans birds and butterflies.  I did find three Inornate Ringlets sluggishly moving through the grasses.  They were first of the year for me.

I heard or saw a few of the local breeding birds, but it just seems that there should be more birds around by now.  There seems to be general lack of birds in these parts this year. Perhaps the cool May weather had something to do with it and/or all the obstacles they encounter on their migration had some bearing.

I went up to the Dow Wetland area one evening this week too.  I was hoping to come across a Northern Bobwhite where I saw one last year.  I hope they are still around, as this location is a small remnant wild population.
Lots of Savannah Sparrows there.

A few good birds were reported this week.  Congrats to Jeremy Bensette and Dwayne Murphy for 'unexpectedly' coming across a singing Chuck-will's-widow at Rondeau Park.  It was very odd that they heard it at 6 p.m.!  Normally one hears them at dusk or dawn.
The following evening Steve Charbonneau heard the chuck sing for just only a couple of minutes just before 9 p.m. I have not heard any other reports, but hopefully it is still around.
There has never been a confirmed breeding record for a Chuck-will's-widow in Rondeau Park, to my knowledge.  There have been lots of sightings or heard-only records.  I saw my first (pair) in May 1994 there where I flushed them just off south point trail.
I has been perhaps three years since a chuck was last at Rondeau, or at least reported.

Alf Rider came across five White Pelicans just south of Kettle Point today. A nice June record, but I would prefer the brown ones.

Then there was the apparent Magnificent Hummingbird somewhere in Bruce County I am not sure it is a 100% thing, but looks like a good record.  The location at this time is Top Secret it seems!
A couple of interesting Piping Plovers were around this week too--one still at Presque-Ile and one at Long Point.

We will see what this weekend brings.  Must be something to be found!  Not by me of course.
Good time for Dickcissels?

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