Thursday, June 13, 2013

A New Grebe At Rondeau!

Got home from work today and was surprised to see a message about a Western Grebe at Rondeau.  But it was seen yesterday.  Is it still there?  I was tempted to head down, but first sent a message to Jim Burk.  He was heading out to look and shortly afterwards I got word that he and Steve saw it.
My best bet was to head to Erieau.  I was at the pier in about 50 minutes and spotted the subject grebe in the distance right away.  Although walking out south beach would have afforded better views, it was identifiable by scope from Erieau.  It did move a little closer as I stood there.

Allen Woodliffe soon joined me as well as Keith Burk.  Allen had just been out south beach to view the bird.
Local birders were happy on this day for one reason.  It is a new bird for the Rondeau checklist!  It may be difficult to believe, but this species has never officially been recorded for Rondeau.  It was long overdue and year after year we have talked about a Western Grebe.

So, congrats and kudos to Pauline Catling who photographed and reported on this fine bird!  A bonus while doing turtle surveys!  Link to her photo:
Western Grebe Rondeau

I have missed a few over the years, not by much.  The one this past winter on the St. Clair River was a disappointing miss.
This is only my fourth ever seen Western Grebe, but back on November 18, 2006 my self-found one was off Pinery Park.

On another note, what is with all these Caspian Terns lately?  I saw at least a dozen while at Erieau.  Could be up to 20 in the area today.

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