Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Laughing All the Way to Erieau

This evening I was bored enough to head down to Erieau.  Late in the day always seems to be good at times there.  It is not usually worth my while unless something is there to see, or there is the potential for lots of birds.
As I arrived a large flock of gulls got up and left (unfortunately) so I was not able to scan them properly.  A few remained on the tip of Rondeau.  Most were Bonaparte's, so I looked them over carefully.  At the time I was unaware there was a dip in the sand that things could disappear for a while.  After more than half an hour I suddenly spotted a Laughing Gull!  Hmmmm, one of my favourite gulls.
Laughing Gull at Pelee Tip May 6

I was actually hoping for a Black-headed Gull (of which there was one at Wheatley this afternoon as reported by Alan Wormington), but it would have to do!

I had already seen a Laughing at Point Pelee earlier this month, but it is not often we see them around here.  Seems it is one I find more often, as just over a year ago I found the only one at Rondeau one evening (sorry Andrew!).

Two Whimbrel were loafing on the point this evening as well.  It would have been nice to see a big flock of them, but they are neat to see at any time.
Perhaps this wacky weather kept things from moving much this evening.  We just had very heavy rains in Chatham-Kent.  Rain was much needed, but now with field and roads flooded, I am not sure we needed this much!  We had not had any significant rain for about three weeks, then this.
That is the way this strange weather has been this month.  Some very cold days, but some very warm ones and a lot of very windy days.  So weird.
Every day is different, so get out there and check your local hotspot.  With the late spring, there should be lots of birds still moving through!

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