Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Filler

Warning:  This is more or less filler!
I guess I should get something up as you blog addicts will be getting withdrawals.

Looking back to a year ago, many birds had already made an appearance.  Pine Warbler, Louisiana Waterthrush, Yellow-rumped Warbler among other birds were already on my list.  Snowy Owls were still around and it was exactly a year ago the Snowy showed up at the workplace!

But, this is a more normal year and many things have not shown up yet.

This past Sunday I went up into Middlesex County as far as Strathroy.  Although I did not see much of interest it is nice country.  Certainly more interesting than the soon to be dustbowl of Chatham-Kent!  Around the village of Napier is a lot of forest cover and intriguing landscape.  I had never been through there before.
Strathroy Lagoons had a good assortment of ducks but of course no Eurasian Wigeon (!).  Just like last year, lots are turning up in various spots.  The one at Rondeau was still present on Sunday and could still be around.  I have now seen four already this year!

 At McKellar on Bickford Line, I saw my FOY Blue-winged Teal pair.

I headed over to Sarnia on my way back and stopped at Dow Wetlands.  Some Tree Swallows were working the ponds, and one Barn Swallow was with them.  Probably the earliest I have noted a Barn Swallow.  I was wondering if we will still see the Northern Bobwhite there again this year.  They have always been there but hanging by a thread.

Not many ducks on the St. Clair River, as expected, but some are there.  Still lots of Long-tailed and I see them daily at Port Lambton.
A couple of Golden-crowned Kinglets were freshly-in at Brander Park this morning.
A Tufted Titmouse pair is there and will likely nest.

Water levels have not risen significantly so there is lots of mud for shorebirds to choose from. I have not seen any around here yet, but will be watching!

Rondeau  March 31

Puffin on the St. Clair River!

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  1. Blake, on March 29 a Barn Swallow flew over my car flying north; this was just a bit west of SW Hillman Marsh.