Saturday, March 30, 2013

Another Day Another Wigeon

This morning was very calm, but very crisp.  I decided to make the long walk out marsh trail at Rondeau as I often do this time of year to burn off some winter fat.  Steve Charbonneau joined me for the exercise!  I have to admit there were few landbirds-probably the fewest I have had this time of year out there.  Song Sparrows were most plentiful though, and were throughout the park in bunches.
Lots of ducks were on the Bay at the start.

We heard Sandhill Cranes in two different spots, so likely there are two pairs out there.
Lots of Green-winged Teal were in Long Pond, but we were looking directly into the sun. I always have to remind myself to look for Common Teal!
Northern Shovelers in flight

After the long walk, we went over to the dock and scoped the ducks.  I did not even have my scope fully set up and Steve already spotted a male Eurasian Wigeon.  No doubt another individual from the one we saw over a month ago at Shrewsbury.  Thoughts of Cinnamon Teal danced through our heads, but nothing else of note.

Throughout the park were several Eastern Phoebes. I probably saw ten altogether.
Unco-operative Phoebe

I looked for butterflies, but was not successful.  Yesterday I had a Mourning Cloak go through the yard when I got home.

The only other place I went was Blenheim Lagoons.  Not too many ducks today.  An Eastern Meadowlark was working the edge of pond 3.

A nice little mudlfat is at Stewart Wetland near Wallaceburg.  I will have to check it out regularly.  A coot was in the pond today.

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  1. Haven't seen any butterflies yet, but I did see a bluet damselfly in the greenhouse I work in! I want to say it's an early record but I guess it's unfair that it was in a greenhouse and not in natural elements.