Friday, March 15, 2013

Recent Rambles

Yesterday was a clear and calm day.  With news of another comet in the skies, I went out at sunset to look for Comet PannSTARRS.  It took a while until it got dark enough but I did find it low in the western horizon.     Binoculars were required to see it well enough.
I have always been interested in astronomy and I get out to look at any visible comet when it comes around.
Here is a link to some photos on the web:

It was a nice sunset and before it got dark enough, I came across a timberdoodle peenting in a pasture.  Not only that, a Short-eared Owl was there too.  This was at a known location at the corner of Pretty Road and Tulloch Line.  One of the last small pastures left in the area!
Back when I started serious birding in the 1980's, that whole area had lots of pastures.  It was one of my favourite spots to see pasture type birds and migrants in the spring.  It was actually a spot we started our big days late  in the afternoon.  I even had Northern Bobwhite in the area!  Those were the days...

Today after work I took a drive upriver.  Not many ducks are left in the river, but lots and lots of Long-tailed.

Two young Iceland Gulls were at or near Seager Park, likely the same ones that wintered in the area.

As I drove back Baseline Road, I came across this shrike at the solar farm.

Sombra Solar Shrike

Not sure what I will do tomorrow, but as usual the weather looks crappy.  There is a cool swan at Ridgetown though......!

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