Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Little Goose

On my way home from work late today, some waterfowl were in the Snye, including Hooded Mergansers, Redhead, Mallard, Canada Geese.  A small white bird caught my eye in the distance with the Canada's and I almost thought it was a gull.  Nope, a Ross's Goose! I had no camera with me, but I went back out 45 minutes later and they were gone!!  (This was at the same location as the Black-necked Stilt that was seen in January 2002.)
It is the first one I have seen in the Wallaceburg area (CBC circle).  The only other record that I know about is one at Bear Creek Marsh (2 birds)  March 5, 2008 (John G. Haggeman et al.).
Even Snow Geese are rare around here, as I have only seen a couple!
15 Ross's Geese near Shrewsbury 1 March 2013
(photo by Aaron Charbonneau)

Early this morning I saw lots of Long-tailed Ducks moving upriver.  There sure have been a lot this year.  In the last couple of years they certainly have increased in numbers as you would almost never see one south of Sarnia.

Winter season is well over and spring  birds are flocking in.  Notable sightings for winter are due for submission to the North American Birds compiler.  I take care of Chatham-Kent and Lambton as regional editor. Starting this year, Josh Vandermeulen is writing the winter report for Ontario.  I managed to 'pawn' it off to Josh, but he is well-suited for the job I think.  The last two years he has taken care of the Ontario winter bird list and would have some good information as to what is around.  (I now take care of Summer!)
If you have any notable sightings for my area, please let me know by sending an email to

North American Birds is going electronic like most other things these days.  Personally I like to have a hard copy in front of me!  NAB is a good comprehensive record of noteworthy birds for the states and provinces.

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