Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fog at the 'Eau

The fog rolled in early this morning especially along Lake Erie.  It made for some disappointing birdwatching as one could not see any distance!  Lots of swans and gulls were on Rondeau Bay...somewhere.  However, by the time I got to Erieau, it cleared a bit to look at ducks and gulls.
Gulls were the bird of the day.  Unfortunately, 95% of them were too far away to do much with!  Many could be seen from the viewing stand on the R/R track trail, but more were towards Rondeau as seen from the government dock.  Not sure how many but 15,000+ gulls anyway and 97% Ring-billed!  I did not see a Bonaparte's, by the way.

Ducks were aplenty near the government dock at Erieau, but they were mostly divers.  I only saw perhaps 5 American Wigeon, and a few Mallards and Blacks!  Coots were all over the place, of course.
Bashful Coot

Over at Shrewsbury, more gulls and waterfowl, but it was foggy.  I could barely make out some white geese--at least one Ross's, and a few Snows at least.
Rondeau Park was quiet in the fog.  I searched the campground and did not find any owls.  I heard one Yellow-rumped Warbler--the first for the year!  Allen Woodliffe had three yesterday--first for the year.  I wonder where they came from all of a sudden as there had not been any since December.
It was cold overnight so lots of ice formed, especially on the lake.

I stopped at Ridgetown for lack of better things to do, and found only Canada Geese.  A couple of Cackling Geese were present with them.

For one more walk, I headed up to McKeough north of Wallaceburg.  I checked out a spot of owls and came up with one with long ears.  Several of the spruce trees had evidence of owls, but this was the only one.

Lots of swans on the move today.

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  1. Hi Blake

    Im sorry Rondeau wasnt that good if we hadnt had to go out of town we where going to try there.
    I am still trying to find a long earred owl so that was a good find!