Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday Report

Things have toned down as there is little ice moving down the St. Clair River in the last day.  There is ice along the shoreline and that is where those ice-loving gulls are hanging out.
This second cycle gull has been in the area of LGS and OCF the last couple of days. (photos by MIke Bouman).

Lots of hybrid-type gulls on the river this winter.  Some left up to speculation.  The following photo of an odd gull taken several years ago at Erieau may be similar to one out there on the river.  Sort of like a Lesser Black-backed (similar size and a darkish mantle), but with strong pink-coloured legs.  Most photos I have seen of hybrids of Lessers see to have a yellowish cast to the legs though.  This one at Erieau was taken by Steve Charbonneau.  I also saw that interesting gull.

I have not seen the two pintails at Sombra the last couple of days, unless I am missing them (!).

Now that we are in mid February, more geese and swans will be moving.  Yesterday there were some Tundra Swans in a corn field just outside Wallaceburg.  Maybe early spring migrants?
Some Snow and Ross's Geese were reported today near Hillman by Alan Wormington.

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  1. Blake,

    That bird at Erieau is an extremely strong Candidate for Slaty-backed Gull or perhaps a Slaty-backed Gull hybrid.. Are there more photos somewhere?! Would love to see them!