Sunday, January 20, 2013

Today's Photos

Just toured around again today.  Perhaps the highlight was a large flock of Lapland Longspurs west of Ridgetown.  Could have been close to 100 birds!
A flock of 8 Eastern Bluebirds was nice near Clear Creek Forest.
Lots of stuff at Erieau too.  That weird Red-headed Woodpecker was on post #2 today.  It refuses to let me take a photo!

'spurs were camouflaged in this field (I had no hope of getting an accurate count!)

Juncos everywhere today (plus a few white-throats)

Very Windy Today!

Lots 'o Bonies at Erieau lately

Duck Mixture at Erieau


  1. Red-headed Woodpecker: That area is so barren one wonders why it is still hanging around. When we saw it on the CBC, is was flying off that nearby large Red Cedar, which had some of its trunk broken off. It must be getting something out of that broken trunk --- bees? beetle grubs?

  2. Alan: First time I saw the woodpecker it came out of one of the cedars and flew to a pole.
    But every time I go by it is on one of the poles! As I get close, it hides on the other side. What is behind pole #2? !!

  3. Something about your looks must be scaring it to death!