Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Deep Freeze Tidbits

With today's bone-chilling weather, one feels like bundling up in front of the computer(!).  I went for a quick walk at Brander Park after work today, and it was quick!  It probably would not have been so bad if the wind was  a bit less, but the Tufted Titmouse did not mind.  One still is hanging around that park, as it did most of the fall. We got it on the CBC at least.

Last week's Snowy Owl seems to have been a two day wonder.  I have checked by travelling back roads to and from work and have not seen it since.

The cold has brought memories of the warmth of last summer.  Here is a photo submitted by Ann White of the lunch during the Skunk's Misery count at Wardsville. I am looking at a photo for Chris Leys on the camera.

Something interesting came to light yesterday.  There was talk of King Eiders on the weekend on my outing with Mike Bouman.  Apparently a raft of 14 was on the St. Clair River December 18, 1987 at Sombra. (I am hoping to get a photo or two to confirm). I have no reason to doubt it, but FOURTEEN?  This was quite  interesting to me, as the second Wallaceburg CBC was December 19, 1987.  There was no mention of King Eiders on the count, or in count week.  Mind you, counters were few in those days, and coverage was not all that thorough.  At least two of the eiders were shot by an experienced hunter, and photos were taken.
I remember that count because it was the very first CBC I ever did! I may have mentioned this before, but I was new to the game and did not know too much then.  However, I did find some decent birds in my assigned area (which I am still doing to this day).  I did not know the significance of the Rufous-sided Towhee that had been coming to my feeder. It was there before the count, and after, but I did not spend enough time seeking it out the day of the count.  It is one I did take a photo before though.

I expect things will get interesting on the St. Clair River by this weekend.  Cold and ice is always better, and hopefully gulls will be happy as they usually are.  Ivory Gull time!  Better yet, Ross's.

We will not see these critters this week....

Snow fleas at Point Pelee several years ago.

And for your amusement, check this out:

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