Friday, January 25, 2013


As I predicted last weekend, ice has moved in and so have the gulls!  The St. Clair River has lots of ice, hence lots of gulls.  I got out this afternoon, but unfortunately for the first while it was snowing pretty good.  The gulls blend in with the ice bad enough, but the snow hampered visibility.
Since there were so many gulls on the ice, it was difficult to look at all of them.  One could spend hours out there and not get very far!
One of many Glaucous Gulls

Most of the gulls were riding the floes downriver, occasionally feeding.  At Port Lambton, I managed to get this series of photos:

Then others move in to steal the meal!

Ducks were concentrated in the few open areas.  A large raft of Redhead was off the old Terra plant.

I spotted a pair of Gadwall at the Fawn Island dock.  First for the winter!

Other ducks were nearby.

The occasional Bald Eagle was out and about.

Although I did not find anything rare, it was fun looking at gulls.

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