Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hares to Hairstreaks

European Hare pair along Conc. D Road!

I was a bit undecided as to where to go today.  I did not feel like doing a butterfly count, so I headed down to Point Pelee.  On the way I stopped at Tilbury, but no shorebirds were in except Killdeer.
Dickcissels were singing at Hillman Marsh shorebird cell as I drove by.  There were probably 4 birds there.  The single Dickcissel was along Rd. 19 at Conc. D.  A bunch of gulls were in the field north of Rd. C including an adult type Lesser Black-backed.
This is a singing Dickcissel!

Of interest, while in the park I came across a Tennessee Warbler at the south end of the old maintenance area.  An early fall migrant!  Apparently record-early by one day for Pelee. (thanks Alan).

Hackberry Emperor
Conditions were not too ideal for butterflies in the park, but there were lots to look at.  Hackberry Emperors are out in good numbers.  Off the park orientation parking lot was the best spot with a half dozen Pipevine Swallowtails and other common butterflies.  

I met Bob and Karen Yukich. They had a Horace's Duskywing yesterday near the south end of West Beach Trail.   I had a duskywing down that way which was probably a Wild Indigo as it was small and on Crown Vetch.  Also of note they had a European Skipper in the park--something not usually seen in the park anymore.

Only one Little Yellow today.

While I was talking to Bob at the south end of NWBeach a Common Gray-Hairstreak landed near my feet.  It was very fresh.

I headed home in early afternoon and went up north of Wallaceburg to look for butterflies.  Some FOY included many Wood Nymph, Appalachian Eyed Brown and more hairstreaks.  Also a Delaware Skipper.

Lots of Banded and a few Edwards', one Coral and one Hickory.

Here is an anomaly hairstreak!  If you think about it you can probably name it.  The other side was normal-looking.


  1. Blake, nice collection of butterflies. I have not really seen any hairstreaks yet at Ojibway. Lots of GSF & Cloudywings though!

  2. I would say that funky hairstreak is a Southern Hairstreak?

  3. Or then again, maybe just an Edward's Hairstreak.

  4. Re anomaly:
    It is actually an Edwards'! I got a look at the other side of it to make sure.