Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rondeau Area Today

I stopped at some usual haunts today in and around Rondeau.  First was Ridgetown Lagoon which has good shorebird habitat.  Nothing unusual, but the same birds were present as yesterday including 8 Short-billed Dowitchers.

Cape May Warbler

At Rondeau, although it was noon, I was pleased to
find a large number of warblers working the dogwoods on South Point Trail.  Usually early morning is best, so I suspect earlier was even better!  I spent considerable time just looking as there was so many all along.  Huge number of American Redstarts.

I finally saw a pair of Northern Parula--something absent from my recent trip.  Still no Canada Warbler this week--a sign?

I have been seeing lots of Philadelphia Vireos recently.  Many on my trip and a few today.  It is my favourite vireo.

Also of note was the sheer number of Monarch butterflies.

Frankly it is the most I have seen at Rondeau.  In the two or so hours on SPT, I estimated 700+ migrating.  I did find a significant roost at one point.

Other butterflies included Gray Hairstreak and American Snout (neglected to post those on the listserve!) among other common ones.

Over at Erieau's McGeachy Pond many more Monarchs and Buckeyes plus a Fiery Skipper.

American Snout (uncommon for Rondeau)

At Blenheim Lagoons, I saw 4 more Fiery Skippers plus many Buckeyes.

Birds included two Red-necked Phalaropes, Horned Grebe and other shorebirds in the sprinkler cells.