Friday, September 16, 2011

More Stuff

I finally got out in my boat this morning even though it was cold.  It was a nice ride though up to Sombra and back.  I had not been out in it for almost a month!

A good selection of warblers at Port Lambton this morning.  Blackpolls Warblers in big numbers.

This afternoon I decided to check out Tilbury Lagoon.  At least there is water back in the favourite spot for shorebirds. Nothing special in it though.  Some Pectoral Sandpipers dropped in for a few minutes, but then took off.

Butterflies included about a half dozen Fiery Skippers and the surprise of the day, a Bronze Copper.  I never got a photo of the Bronze.

Fiery Skipper at Tilbury

Chickweed Geometer

Some more photos of the recent Georgian Bay trip:
Fringed Gentian (common at MacGregor Point)

Cardinal Flower

Pennsylvania Leather-wing

?Canada Darner (f)

T. V.

sailboat off Giant's Tomb Island

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