Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Lot of Bull........Frogs

Butterflies were scarce today, especially at Point Pelee!  Lots of flowers, but nothing on them.

  Late today I decided to stop a certain location north of Wallaceburg that has a pond.  I was surprised to find literally hundreds of Bull Frogs.  Interesting to watch these creatures which came in all sizes. Took some photos....

This afternoon I stopped at Tilbury Lagoons.  This place certainly has potential for something good.  Not too many shorebirds today, but lots of Great Egrets.  I counted at least 18.
No Cinnamon Teal, but a number of Mallards.

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  1. Good to see so many Great Egrets there.
    Across the river, Pointe Mouillee in Michigan currently has a Little Blue Heron and 2 ibis (one definitely White-faced, the other they're not sure on). Maybe Tilbury will be the next location to have something good like that.