Saturday, July 9, 2011


Figuring the Dickcissel that Jim Heslop reported on Tuesday at Blenheim would still be around, I checked out the lagoons this morning.
I could hear the males singing right away.  Looked like two pairs were present.

There are likely more Dickcissels around.  I checked a few spots that had them in the past, but came up empty-handed.
Maybe there is a Sprague's Pipit around somewhere also!!

Afterwards I went down to Erieau.  On the way I checked out the wet spot at the corner of Bisnett Line and Erieau Rd.  Lots of water still there, so it will be a good spot to keep an eye out.  Last year in June, Jim Burk found a dark Ibis there.  It was one of those unidentifiable ones!  This pond is on the farm where the Cattle Egret was last spring and fall.
Today there were some Lesser Yellowlegs and a Dunlin.  Not sure what the Dunlin was doing around here at this time!

This afternoon I did my usual route north of Wallaceburg.  Hairstreaks seem to be thinning out already.  This Banded was hanging on by a thread.

A couple of Dion Skippers were in the low sedges.

Some Broad-winged Skippers were in the bigger sedges farther along the trail at Reid.  They did not want to get photographed though.  Included here is a photo from last year.

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